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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Back In Time For The Weekend Episode 2

Morris Mini 1966
How ever did they manage to give the Ashby-Hawkins family a D registration 1966 Morris Mini in 1961, five years before it was first registered? Were the BBC research department taking short cuts? I doubt the hydrolastic suspension would have coped very well with five people inside.

I know because I had one, blue, D reg., exactly as in the programme. I think this was taken on the Cam Gill Road North of Kettlewell late in 1974, putting on our boots for a walk to the top of Great Whernside.

1966 Morris Mini near Kettlewell

Might watch the seventies episode next week (see Strange Brew), but after that it's all present-day as far as I'm concerned.

The inclusion of image from BBC television programme Back In Time For The Weekend, Episode 2, is believed to be fair use. It is a low resolution image taken from a part of one frame from the programme. 

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