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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Siemens A55

Nokia 6310 Sir Philip Green
In the news recently: gasps of astonishment as billionaire Sir Philip Green, answering MPs’ questions about the BHS department store, checks his texts on a cheap, twelve-year-old Nokia 6310. Surely, you would expect him to be able to afford the latest Diamond Rose iPhone.

All kinds of reasons why he might be using such an obsolete device were suggested, including: the Nokia was made to last; battery life is outstanding; he does not want constant email interruptions; pre-GPS phones are not so easy to track; he is penny-pinchingly mean; he likes playing Snake 2.

Siemens A55 mobile phone
Who knows? Maybe all of these. But I’m with you Sir Philip. Here’s mine – a Siemens A55 bought October 2003. Even older than yours! It’s a phone. It does texts. It works. And no, I do not play Stack Attack, Balloon Shooter, Move the Box and Wacko.

With O2 Pay As You Go, if you don’t top up at least once every 999 days you lose your account along with any credit balance remaining. My diary notes I need to add £10 on 13th July. It should keep me going for the next 999 days.

There is also a usage requirement. A weekly text from the bank meets that. Some weeks it’s the only time I switch it on.


I am still using my ancient mobile phone and topped it up in 2016, as above, and again this year. However, in light of recent revelations I must add that I do not share Sir Philip’s other attitudes and behaviours. I do not, for example, iron creases in my jeans (I wish I could add for comic effect that my wife does it for me, but I iron my own jeans).


  1. My husband is with you on this! I like the shiny gadgetry of the iPhone too much.


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