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Thursday 20 December 2018

Get Tret Better

Doncaster Market

English is a strange thing, especially in its regional forms.

Yesterday, BBC Television News had a report about how insurance companies ramp up premiums so that customers who renew their policies year after year end up paying far more than they should. One poor chap who had kept his home insurance with the same insurer for twenty-one years received a renewal bill of £1,930, but after shopping around he got the same cover for £469. 

They asked people at Doncaster Market what they thought about it, including two ladies behind a food stall:

“Well,” said one in comforting Yorkshire tones, “I think it's a disgrace, actually, because I think loyal customers should get tret better.”

“Tret better?” I wanted to rush straight to Doncaster Market, give her a big hug, and sit beside the stall listening to her all day. It’s what my mother would have said.

I’m no grammaticist, but I suppose it’s like met instead of meeted, sat instead of seated, or het instead of heated, as in I’m all het up

At one time I would have said “tret better” too, but, sadly, I’ve had it educated out of me.


  1. I saw this report and it made me smile.Fond memories of Donny market and its stallholders who call everyone love. Good job they didn't go to Sheffield where they use 'cock' or 'cocker' as a term of endearment, that can take a bit of getting used to!
    Jude xx

    1. Thanks for visiting. I wasn't sure how to take it when I first moved to Leeds where the bus conductors (what are those?) would call me 'love'. Markets are great for local words and accents. I was recently in Huddersfield market where you hear lots of Yorkshire Asian which is wonderful too.


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