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Saturday 8 June 2019

Gram Motherem (reposted by Smorgasbord Blog Magazine)

I responded a few weeks ago to an invitation from Sally Cronin who runs the wonderful Smorgasbord Blog Magazine allowing her to look through my archives and select four posts to share.

I am delighted to see the first she has selected is Gram Motherem from November 2015.

The original invitation is here

The Smorgasbord repost is here

Gram Motherem: how early are our earliest memories?

“I’ve made up a new game to play,” I told Peter Abson in the school playground. “It’s called Gram Motherem.”

It was a bit like tig. If you were ‘it’ you had to chase others and catch them. When you caught someone you hugged them tight and rubbed the front of your body firmly up and down against them while repeating the words “Gram Motherem, Gram Motherem” over and over again. I showed him but he didn’t seem too keen on the idea. Wendy Godley wouldn’t let me show her at all. In fact, she hardly ever spoke to me again after I tried.

I tell you this at risk of being branded some kind of rampant six year-old pervert because I believe it tells us something about our earliest memories.

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  1. I am in awe of your memory Tasker. Many wonderful details. I used to try to play Gram Motherem at discos when I was at university but women students usually objected to the rubbing up and down when I grabbed them. Spoilsports!

  2. My earliest memory is at eighteen months. I am sure I had a fully developed sense of self then, which has not left me since.

    1. I can't quite get back that far, but nearly. Yet some people I've talked to say they can't remember much at all until well into their school years. I like to think having a good memory is a sign of intelligence.


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