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Saturday 31 July 2021

phoebe's wee blog

miaow everyone,

i'm phoebe. if other cats such as tigger can have their own entire blogs then at least i should be able to have one blog post. even takser wrote a post about some cat called sooty.

i've got chance while takser has gone to the shop and left his computer thing on the table. i don't know why he has a cat's name and i've got a people's name but i'd like to see more about cats and less about nasty dogs.

i'd better get back to work in the garden now before takser comes back. my job is to keep blackbirds off berries and pigeons off peas but takser won't miss one or two. 

i can't work out how to do big letters but i am an expert at playing with mice. i like my picture. it shows my stripey head. sorry if this post is boring. if anyone wants to comment i'll answer if i can.

miaow for now,


  1. Phoebe, so good that you can relax while Tasker is absent. You won't have to go through the unpleasant experience of being picked up and stroked while trying to be agreeable just to ensure you receive an evening meal.

  2. Phoebe, we love your photo (selfie?) Nice M on your forehead - real mark of class that. Blackbirds are villainous and as for pigeons my recommendation is get a high safe place to sit and employ a stupid dog - they'll run at pigeons for hours. Save your energy for important stuff (like mice, which, by the way eat peas too.) My only other recommendation, one cat to another, is never let on you can type; insist on getting a secretary. They sometimes come complete with treats. Well done on your first post. Purrings, Mr T (aka Tigger)

  3. Dear Phoebe...Would you please do me a little favour? Next time Lord Dunham is stroking you please bite his hand. Dig your front claws in and kick your back legs with all your might. Don't worry - he enjoys a little pain as Lady Dunham will happily confirm.

  4. Not boring at all. In fact, most cats talk purrfect sense.

  5. A schoolmaster wrote a book on H.G. Wells, and described their one and only encounter.
    As much as he admired the vast body of work that Wells had produced, he found the man less than sympathetic. They disliked one another on sight.
    As the schoolmaster was taking his leave, a cat no doubt like Phoebe, ran into the study where the great man wrote his books, and after a series of hops and jumps, leaped on to the writer's shoulders.
    The schoolmaster said he liked Wells for that one brief moment, as the world-famous novelist preened and petted his beloved house cat.

    Writers and cats could be a study in itself, Mark Twain to Colette and Capote and Paul Gallico.
    Think of Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart, a hymn to his cat Jeoffrey.
    Hemingway had many cats in the garden of his home in Cuba.
    He killed a stray dog who killed one of his cats.
    A clean shot through the head.

  6. I hope that when your manservant returns from the shop he has brought you something nice. Don't forget to show him who's boss.

  7. Sister feline, we cats must stick together and rise up against our humans and show them who's boss! Yorkshire Pudding has the right idea -- kicking, biting and scratching are the way to Cat Power! Also, pooping outside the box.

  8. Hi Phoebe - you must do this more often - cats are such interesting creatures and I for one would love to know what goes on inside your head. Once you getinto the routine of spotting when he has left his machine on you should be able to make a regular habit of this sort of thing. Food luck.

  9. I think you need to have your own regular appearance. Make him do it. You know how.

  10. miaow. thank you for your comments, just a quick reply while takser is in the garden. you seem to be suggesting i bite the hand that feeds me. that would be silly. i'm pleased that nasty man in brighton got sent to prison. phoebe.

  11. Hello Phoebe, I'm so pleased to meet you! I am a big lover of cats and would enjoy hearing from you anytime. I am the human that belongs to two cats, Sophie and Zeus. If they see your post it might give them the writing bug but I wouldn't mind too much as they are the bosses around here anyway.

    Good job on your work in the garden, but please remember to take plenty of naps as well.

  12. This is catching on - I shall have to give Oscar his own blog soon!

  13. Well, together with Tom Jones I hope we can ask more than once "What's New, pussycat?"

  14. You're an interesting little pussy Phoebe, though ask your master to give you some spelling tips but keep on writing.

  15. Phoebe is a very sneaky cat, taking over my blog like this. I am now going to change my pussword.

  16. Phoebe, in regard to your inability to form capital letters, you're like Archie the Cockroach who wrote the life story of Mehitabel the Cat back in the first decades of the 20th century. Here's a sample from 1827:

    "this is the song of mehitabel
    of mehitabel the alley cat
    as i wrote you before boss
    mehitabel is a believer
    in the pythagorean
    theory of the transmigration
    of the soul and she claims
    that formerly her spirit
    was incarnated in the body
    of cleopatra
    that was a long time ago
    and one must not be
    surprised if mehitabel
    has forgotten some of her
    more regal manners

    "i have had my ups and downs
    but wotthehell wotthehell
    yesterday sceptres and crowns
    fried oysters and velvet gowns
    and today i herd with bums
    but wotthehell wotthehell
    i wake the world from sleep
    as i caper and sing and leap
    when i sing my wild free tune
    wotthehell wotthehell
    under the blear eyed moon
    i am pelted with cast off shoon
    but wotthehell wotthehell..."

    P.S. My wife and I have five cats. You might speak to your human parent about getting you some playmates.

  17. thank you everyone for your comments. i only get on here now and again when takser is out and leaves his computer thingy on the table. i'm not supposed to be on the table but what he doesn't see he doesn't know except for that night time hedgehog camera he has but i know all about that. phoebe.

  18. That reminds me of Archie and Mehitabel by Don Marquis.


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