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This is a personal memoir about growing up in Yorkshire in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and later. It is not always about Yorkshire, nor is it entirely memoir, but most of it is. Names and other details have been changed to avoid difficulties. This page lists and links all posts roughly in chronological order (rather than by posting date).  

Some items recall people and experiences, others try to give things a humorous slant, and some are of the “look how the world has changed” kind. Among my favourites are Dad’s Thursday Helper and M Dunham Are Crap which remember my earliest times and Uncle Jimmy which is more journalistic. I enjoyed researching and writing The Exorcist which I hope is at least mildly humorous. Selective Education is more polemical. So far there are couple of stories which, although fictional, are based on real-life situations, such as A Silly Christmas Love Story. Probably none of my posts are really ‘finished’ – they never are. As I said at the beginning, you think you are going to be the next Alan Bennett but soon come to realise you’re no better writer than Tony. 
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Past and Future

Living Memory
Bath Hospital 1839
What Is Wrong In This Room? 
What Is Wrong With This Steamer?
What Is Wrong In These Pictures? 
Uncle Jimmy +

Mrs Quackworth 1
The Airship in the Shed

George Gibbard Jackson
Mum's Little Bear

The Man With The Hebrew Bible
Carolus II Dei Gratia Mag Br Fra et Hib Rex
Grandad Dunham’s Flight Simulator 1
Brown's Self-Interpreting Family Bible
Tips, Ships and Executorships
Haunted Houses

The Restless Friend  

Teenage Mums
Lost Entitlements 


Gram Motherem 1
Dad’s Thursday Helper

Pounds, Shillings and Pence
Washing Machines Old and New
Little Ships
My Picture Book of Ships
Donkey Stone +
Crossbar Excursions
In praise of bicycles
I am a Mole
Rags and Bones
Cartophilic Concerns
Old Tools

The Old Apple Tree 
M Dunham Are Crap +

Haley Paley Snow on the Ground 
We Know Where You’re From
Colours I See With
Aunty Bina's Farm +
Talk like a pirate
Hornby ‘O’ Gauge and revisited
Philately will get you nowhere

Be Prepared
How Well Do You Know Morse Code? 
Back In Time For The Weekend 1
Dad’s 1950s Films

Tour de Yorkshire 
Great Yarmouth 1960
Whitby, Staithes and Scarborough 
The day we saw the Queen Mary sail +
The Song Book
Cinema Paradiso

Teenage Years

Airfix Modelling
The Yellow Shed
Christmas Tree 
Developing, Printing and a trip to London
Doing the Pools
Reel-to-Reel Recordings

Rather a studious kind of boy
Lookin’ for a ‘feet’ +
Selective Education
Knockout, Knowledge and Arthur Mee
Home Chemistry and Explosives Precursors
School Chemistry

Biology Made Simple
School Metalwork +
School Woodwork 
School English (Mrs Hird of Cowes) 
A Silly Christmas Love Story (repost)
Tackling Rugby
Jim Laker, Mr. Ellis and the Eagle Annual +

Ready Steady Go 
In England They Eat Cat Food +
More Memories of 1960s Belgium
Votre Billet, Monsieur? +
Belgian Youth Abroad
Peyton Place and Top Deck Shandy +

Different Lives
The Great Cigarette Machine Robbery

Mists: a tale for Halloween
Teenage ‘X’ Certificate

Young Thugs
Hedge Trimmer Safety 1968 +
Hornsea Pottery  

Playing With Dictionaries
Beer Mats 

Late Teens and Early Twenties

Articled Clerk
Caer Rhun Hall
Ties Teens and Sells
How not to forget PINs
Where were you?
Mickey's Son and Daughter
Easter 1971
The Goole to Leeds Train
A Fiddle Too Far

Agents of Maths Destruction 
A family tragedy
Vulgar Money Bags
Jokers Wild +
Back In Time For Tea
Playlist: Fixing a Hole
Heathkit AD-27 
The Ghost of Airmyn Crossings

The Real Marigold Hotel
Partners and Seniors +

Twelve Balls
250 Words a Minute 
The Play That Goes Wrong
Posters on the Wall +
Brendan and the Shared House 2
Old and New Cars
The Phone Phreak

The Vauxhall Griffin +
Weekend in College

Petrol Rationing
North Yorks Walks
Kinder Scout +
Short Shorts
Ray Gosling's Goole +
The Old House
One Man's Week 1974 
The Compton Road Library
Lost Colour
Not The Best Policy
Brian Cant and Play Away
The Exorcist 3
Back In Time For The Weekend 2
Strange Brew (Back in Time 3) +
Eric Kershaw’s Guitar Class
Tuning Gadget
Road to the Isles
The Ascent of Man 
Lytton Strachey


Help, my courgette looks like a duck!  
Keith Richard’s Lost Weekend
Bonking +
‘A’ Level English 1977
‘A’ Level Geography 1977 +

Walking In Iceland (series of linked posts)
A Very British Revolution
Recording Artiste
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny 
Writers At Heart 
Philip Larkin’s Foot +
The Mighty Micro
Jumped Down Catholics

Top of the Pops 1983
Luxury Travel
Rewriting Rewritten Writing
VAX and VAXen 
Talbot Samba
Every Car We’ve Owned
A Tale of Two Tea Pots 2
Doubters, Doomsters, Gloomsters

From Ferrybridge to Finland
Norn Iron  
The Inter-Varsity Club  
The Wrong Door
Hi there Duggy! +

Significant Plagiarism Detected  
The Commercialisation of Universities
Research Before The Internet 1
Not Seeing Pink


K√∂hler’s Apes 
Stair Rail +
Lonely Brown Hair 
Checked Out
Strange Conversation
Siemens A55 +
Doorstep Deliveries
Dill in Mustard Sauce +

People who can't say 'ul  
The Morecambe and Wise IRA Sketch
My IKEA Bekant Sit/Stand Desk
Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome
Blessed By Snowdrops + 
A Birthday Surprise
Does Anyone Want Some Drinks? 
Get Tret Better 
Limerick Leanings
Half Length and Mrs. Rat Poison
Petrol Cans 
Parking Machine Tickets
The Peter Rabbit Plate
Kitchens Old and New
Occupational Therapy Corners
On Visiting A Daughter At University 
Fish Finger Sandwiches
The Signalman’s Dilemma 
Musical Instruments 
Easter Hedgehogs 2020
Night Cats 
Hedgehog Update 1 and Update 2
Snail Bogeys  
Catch Me If You Can  
Brain Fog
Health Gadget
Another Health Gadget
Bike Gadget 
Trains and Boats 
Traffic Cam 
Fort William
The Planets
Come Lasses and Lads to Bangor
Don’t They Know It’s Christmas Time?
Bird Water
Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?
Green Dog
Council Tax
Brugada Syndrome
Sebhorreic Keratosis
I'm Not A Foxglove
phoebe’s wee blog
A Walk to the Post Office
North Wales
Bouncing Balls
Laid Up

Off Topic and Technical

Adsense, Blogger and YouTube
Adsense Revisited
Side by Side Images in Blogger
Alt-0247 and Rule
The Riddle of the £30 Restaurant Bill
Supermarket Loyalty Badge Scheme
Trump and Tusk  

This Hi-de-Hi Government 
Some Memorable Posts
Coronavirus Pacman
Faded Page
Dear Google User...
Facial Animation
Equal Rights for Toes!
The Yorkshire Story of the Creation

1,2 these six items were reposted by Smorgasbord Blog Magazine in 1 June 2019 and 2 March 2020
3 this item was reposted by beetleypete in September 2019
+ these items were reposted as a "New Month Old Post" in 2020, 2021 and 2022

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